How to Apply Lip Liner Properly

Lip liner is another makeup product that is used to prominent your face. Mascara is used to prominent the shape of eyes whereas the lip liner is used to make the shape of lips prominent. So it is very important to use the lip liner in the correct way for increasing the beauty of lips. Here we are going to give you some tips on how to apply lip liner correctly. All of these are very useful tips.


The most important tip for applying the lip liner is that the color of lip liner should not be darker than the color of your lipstick. One should keep in mind that the color of the lip liner should be only one shade darker than the color of your natural lips or the color of your lipstick. It should not be much darker.


Another most important thing to remember before applying the lip liner is that the lip liner pencil which you are going to use should not have a sharp pointed tip. It should have a soft round tip. It helps to define the shapes of lips more clearly and properly then the sharp tip pencil.


One of the most important things that should be kept in mind before applying the lip liner that you should not overdraw your lips. You should apply lip liner only to a little amount to just make prominent the shape of your lips.


Now in these days, the cosmetic companies have introduced the latest anti liner for the lip. These lip liners are specially designed for women who want to give an undefined look to their lips. So if you want to give such look to the lips then use these anti liners.


You can also use your lip liner as your lip color. In this way, the color of your lips, as well as the color of the outline, means the lip liner will be the same. It is the technique to make the shape of lips prominent using the same color.

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